The Industrial Fair is an event held in high school that allows the presentation in English of products or services in different industrial areas of Venezuela and internationally. Students must choose their product or service after being assigned an area to research and then explain it to their teacher, before presenting it to a panel of judges; including the process, problems or benefits, and conclude or recommend its use.

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  1. Prof. Oriana López Jiménez

    Good evening!

    Here you will find the official Schedule.
    Les recordamos a los alumnos de 1ero y 4to B, que la puntualidad es clave. El evento iniciará puntual a las 7:30 am en el Salón de Usos Multiples.
    El resto de los grupos tienen la posibilidad de llegar 30min antes de la hora pautada.


  2. Prof. Oriana López Jiménez

    Good morning!

    The following document is the evaluation sheet the jury will use. Remember that one of your grades is based on this. If you have any questions, please let us know.

    The will also be a diploma for Best Speaker, Best Stand, and Best Project, per classroom.

    Evaluation Instrument (1)

  3. Prof. Oriana López Jiménez

    Good morning, everybody!

    Here are the simple instructions for your stands (in Spanish do not worry), any questions please let me know.

    Instructivo para Stands

  4. Prof. Oriana López Jiménez

    Good morning students!

    In the following picture you will find a short list of connectors and linking words you can use while writing.

  5. Prof. Oriana López Jiménez

    Good morning!

    In this PDF you will find the template and suggestions for the final project.


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